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Practical Yoga Sutras

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One can read the words about the practices and philosophies of yoga in many books. Alternatively, one can choose to do the practices and observe the results. One must consider whether now is the time in life to examine such practices? When students would ask my teacher how many lifetimes of yoga practice it would take them in order to experience the state of samadhi, he would say "Why not now, in this lifetime?" Are you ready to experience the Divine in this lifetime, or are you content to wait until death and beyond to potentially have that experience? Do you wish to know your history before you transitioned into this life? Do you wish to understand that creative force which gave rise to you? Before you die do you wish to know where your consciousness will go after death? "Practical Yoga Sutras" presents a clear commentary on the ancient text of the "Yoga Sutras" as well as practices that allow deeper understanding of that ancient presentation of the complete path of yoga. An excerpt from the current text of the first sutra is as follows: " Now begins the exposition of yoga. Preceding the "Now", it is assumed that the reader has done a considerable amount of yoga practice in order to be able to understand what follows in this text of the Yoga Sutras. The "exposition" of yoga is actually to be done by the student through the results of their own yoga practice. While one can read the words of the sutras, understanding will only come through practice and the grace of insight that dawns when the student is fully prepared to experience those states of consciousness spoken about in the "Yoga Sutras". The meaning of the word "yoga" can be translated as union, or of binding together. Some think of yoga as the binding of body, mind, and spirit with the Divine. This is similar in meaning to the root word of "religion", namely the Latin word "religio", which also means to bind together. Practices: From the standpoint of yoga practices, the term "yoga" has several practical me