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How Bad Do You Want to Lose Weight?

New Kobo Germany
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I've wanted to write a book on weight loss for several years but never found enough time. My personal story with weight loss was my inspiration. I don't have a journalism background or any formal training but because writing this book was very important to me, I worked several months putting this book together. I've been somewhere between chubby and thin all my life. It wasn't until I reached 50 years of age that I made a conscious decision to stop yo-yoing and keep the extra weight off. It does take time to lose weight. I lost a total of 60 pounds and have kept it off for more than 10 years now. I'm a senior and just recently lost another 5 pounds of body fat. I don't think anyone realizes how hard it is to carry around extra body fat until you become a senior. I don't try to lose weight anymore but I am trying to build muscle while I lose fat. Today I weigh the same as I did in High School. I'm working on building muscle these days and that means body weight exercise and Yoga to keep me limber and improve my balance. It's great to still be able to ride a bike or jog around the neighborhood. I've read hundreds of books, posts and newsletters from health and fitness websites and have done extensive research for this book and found that the science of weight loss is more well-defined today. It's not as much trial and error as before. Much of what you see on the internet seems to be advertisement for products. Most sites seem to be selling something and most of us are tired of trying diets or pills that don't work. I want to try and change your mind about losing weight. It may be easier than you thing. There are several good website that offer helpful information free. Check out my list of SOURCES on the last page. There are many good sites I didn't list, but those on my source page are the ones I used to write this book. I believe it's about getting back to basics. Most of us put on body fat when we're still in school because we eat too much of all the wrong foods. A