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My Burden is Light

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More inspiring words received from our Lord by Fr. John Woolley are published in this new volume, "My Burden is Light", companion to "I Am With You". The previous title first published in 1985, "I Am With You", has now sold over 1,000,000 copies (2015), is the best selling devotional book in the UK and is in constant demand throughout the world. Fr Woolley's words received during his years as a hospital chaplain have made a huge impact on so many people`s lives. The life-changing and peace-giving words of the risen Lord Jesus, through His Holy Spirit, can be experienced in this latest addition to the series. The full series is "I Am With You", "Abide in My Love", "I Am With You for Young People and the Young At Heart", "Many Mansions" and "My Burden is Light". The Christian road is far from easy. "My Burden is Light" provides unique help in learning to be calm and strong in very difficult circumstances, and in finding Jesus our Lord a lifelong tower of strength. As our Lord's word is received, we discover increasingly, that we have a wonderful Friend. "This little book, My Burden is Light, read slowly and pondered, will bring peace and joy to the most pressured heart" Sr Wendy Beckett, hermit, author and broadcaster "I Am With You" will bring peace and consolation to all who read it." Cardinal Cormac Murphy-OConnor, Archbishop of Westminster. "I commend I Am With You to all persons who are seeking to deepen their spiritual lives" Cardinal George Basil Hume, former Archbishop of Westminster
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