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Learning from the Experts

New Kobo Germany
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Securing a world-class education for our students demands the contribution of a world-class teaching force. This volume contributes to this goal. Learning from the Experts captures the insights and ingenuity of our best and brightest teachers. The essays presented in these pages bolster my conviction that teachers can be architects of a stronger educational future."-Mitchell D. Chester, commissioner of elementary and secondary education, Massachusetts"Learning from the Experts should be required reading for policy makers, school officials, and would-be reformers who imagine that they can save public education. Our schools will be in good hands if teachers like these inspire more teachers like these to speak out and step up."-Susan Moore Johnson, Jerome T. Murphy Professor of Education, and director, The Project on the Next Generation of Teachers, Harvard Graduate School of Education"This book highlights the lessons we can learn from our very own teachers in the realm of best policy and practice. In doing so, it elevates the status of teaching as a profession. Learning from the Experts is a celebration of collaboration for the betterment of teachers and the students they serve."-John E. Deasy, superintendent, Los Angeles Unified School DistrictIn Learning from the Experts, emerging teacher leaders-in dialogue with seasoned leaders-offer an intimate look at the ways education policies collide with everyday classroom practices. This lively collection of essays illustrates how thoughtful, solutions-oriented and results-driven teachers are reframing debates in education today.
Marke:Harvard Education Press
EAN:Harvard Education Press
Harvard Education Press
Harvard Education Press