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The Invasion of France, 1814

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This ebook is purpose built and is proof-read and re-type set from the original to provide an outstanding experience of reflowing text for an ebook reader. Beset along the northern border of France by enemies that out-numbered him by at least five to one, where ordinary generals might have despaired, Napoleon went on to win a remarkable series of victories that recalled the rapidity of his brightest early campaigns. Although not enough to turn the tide of the Allies march on Paris, they are hugely important for the methods used by the Emperor in his last campaign before Waterloo. Turning on isolated parts of the Prussian Field Marshal Blücher's army, composed of both Russians and Prussians, Napoleon won the battles of Champaubert, Montmirail, Château-Thierry and Vauchamps, inflicting nearly 20,000 casualties for a loss of 3,000 of his own men. However, this magic could not last. A well-known and respected writer on the Napoleonic Wars, Captain Maycock's work is a fine addition to any bookshelf on a much neglected campaign. This book is part of the Special Campaigns series produced around the turn of the 20th century by serving or recently retired British and Indian Army officers. They were intended principally for use by British officers seeking a wider knowledge of military history. Title - The Invasion of France, 1814 Series Name - Special Campaigns Series Series Number - 21 Author - Captain Frederick William O. Maycock, D.S.O. (1877- ) Text taken, whole and complete, from the edition published in 1907, London, by Longmans and Green. Original - xv and 238 pages. Illustrations - The maps cannot be reproduced with this volume as they are A3.
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