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African Airlines in the Era of Liberalisation

New Kobo Germany
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The book is a comprehensive exposition of the major issues affecting African airlines in the current era of liberalisation of the industry. It gives an overview of the African airline industry, highlighting its size, the fleet, its structure and the operating environment. The performance of African airlines is examined to highlight the challenges and potential that exists on the continent. The liberalisation process on the continent is explained highlighting its consequences so far. Africa is, by and large, left out of the worldwide trend of major alliances and consolidation of the airline industry. This subject is explored in the light of the major airline alliances worldwide. Current legal and regulatory issues affecting African airlines are discussed, including recommendations to ensure that airlines avoid some harmful consequences especially of some developments in the European Union and the USA. One of the major challenges facing African airlines in their operations and in their need to modernise their fleet is lack of adequate financing at reasonable cost. This subject is discussed to highlight the need to support the industry. The actions that the major stakeholders in the industry should take for the development of the industry and to ensure that their interests in the African airlines industry are met are proposed. The possible future of the industry is examined highlighting the need to simplify the business model and make air transport services reachable to the majority of the African population.
Marke:African Airlines Association
EAN:African Airlines Association
African Airlines Association
African Airlines Association