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The unicist ontology of family businesses

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In this book you will find the unicist technology to diagnose a family business. Family businesses are a particular sort of "animal" in the "business forest". Family as the basic human institution is a natural environment to develop businesses. More than 80% of the companies are led by men, but in more than 50% of them women are "the power behind the power". Since families' role is to cover the affective, social, economic and transcendental needs of its members, business contexts are often invaded by family needs that produce paradoxical effects to family companies. The tools provided will help you to integrate family needs with the needs of the business. This R & D e-book describes the nature of family businesses. It provides owners and executives with unicist models to diagnose the nature of their businesses so as to profit from them. Over 80% of the large companies in the world are business-driven family companies. This percentage rises when we talk about small companies. Everybody is linked to some business-driven family company, whether it is ones own, that of a supplier, etc. This work is the result of researching in widely-different cultures, developed, emerging and underdeveloped, in family-driven companies and business-driven family companies. There have been failures and successes. Both results gave rise to the research that is condensed in this e-book and that aims to provide an applicable conceptual framework to the nature of family-driven company and the business-driven family company. This work includes the unicist ontology of family businesses that has been researched to influence their nature.
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