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Instant Business Letter Kit - How To Write Business Letters That Get The Job Done

New Kobo Germany
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Instant Business Letter Kit is a comprehensive business writing style guide and toolkit for the writing of ALL types of business letters. The more than 200 pages in this Kit combine "how-to" tips, tricks, pointers, and information, with over 100 fully-formatted real-life templates that you can download into your word processor. To facilitate this, the book contains a Special E-mail Address at which ALL OWNERS CAN ORDER A FREE SET OF TEMPLATES of all of the business letters and forms included in the eBook (MS-Word format). The templates can then be loaded directly into a word processing program and used as required. Letters are divided into the two main business letter categories; business-to-business and business-to-customer. Letters included are: acceptance, apology, application, appreciation, collection, complaint, commendation, congratulation, cover, customer service, donation, employee, financial, fund-raising, introduction, invitation, marketing, order-related, project, price-quotation, publicity, reference, rejection, sales, termination, thank you, and more. In addition to letter writing how-to information and templates, the Kit includes a Bonus Chapter on how to write Business Reports, as well as a Special Bonus Book (45 pgs.) containing Business Forms and Templates ranging from, invoices and purchase orders, to minutes of meetings, and trip reports. If you're looking for a complete business letter writing style guide with fully-formatted Instant Downloadable Templates that will fast-track your business letters, this Kit is your answer.
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