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The Secret Path to Contract Programming Riches

New Kobo Germany
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Now in eBook format - the bestselling contract programming book, by veteran computer consultant, Michael Nigohosian! Written for the computer student, computer hobbyist and career-changer, this bestseller shows that you don't have to be a seasoned computer professional before you can consider creating a career as an expert programmer-consultant. - Mastery - Master the important, real-world fundamentals of quickly creating a rewarding, independent, computer programming career starting with learning how to learn computer science using Rapid Mastery Technology(tm). Discover how to concurrently get high-powered, real-world experience with your training and use it to increase your salary and position on your first job. Add to this, insider secrets on career control and longevity-and you can't do without this computer career success guide. - Uniqueness - What sets this bestseller apart from any other book on programming or consulting is that it is the only book that shows the computer hobbyist not only WHAT TO DO to become a high-paid contract programmer, but HOW TO DO IT! Some books explain what being a computer consultant is like from a day-to-day point of view and others teach you how to program in a specific language. But, no book provides a step-by-step system on how to become an absolute expert computer programmer and then take that knowledge to go virtually, directly into high-paid contract programming. - Timeliness - This powerful book comes at the right time and with the right information. Using the same technology developed and used by the author, the reader will be able to accelerate and concentrate the acquisition of specific industry experience. There's little corner-cutting here. Nigohosian stresses excellence, focus and determination throughout the book. By the time the reader is through with the program he or she will be ready to accept a high-paid contract programming position, by-passing many of the typical steps and years of experience needed.
Marke:McGillis, Wilcox, Webster & Co., Inc.
EAN:McGillis, Wilcox, Webster & Co., Inc.
McGillis, Wilcox, Webster & Co., Inc.
McGillis, Wilcox, Webster & Co., Inc.