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Composition Studies 42.2 (Fall 2014)

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CONTENTS OF COMPOSITION STUDIES 42.2 (Fall 2014) From the Editor "Reprint of 1994 Interview with Winifred Bryan Horner" by Lynée Lewis Gaillet and Shelley Aley. Updated Introduction by Lynée Lewis Gaillet COMPOSING WITH: "Two Rooms" by Jennifer Habel "Teaching with Love" by Laura J. Davies ARTICLES: "A Plea for Critical Race Theory Counterstory: Stock Story versus Counterstory Dialogues Concerning Alejandra's 'Fit\'" in the Academy" by Aja Y. Martinez "Geneva Smitherman: Translingualist, Code-Mesher, Activist" by Russel K. Durst "Immodest Witnesses: Reliability and Writing Assessment" by Chris W. Gallagher "Disability Studies in the Composition Classroom" by Ella R. Browning COURSE DESIGN "Engaging Writing about Writing Theory and Multimodal Praxis: Remediating WaW for English 106: First Year Composition" by Fernando Sánchez, Liz Lane, and Tyler Carter WHERE WE ARE: "Disability and Accessibility" "Moving Beyond Disability 2.0 in Composition Studies" by Tara Wood, Jay Dolmage, Margaret Price, and Cynthia Lewiecki-Wilson "Creating a Culture of Access in Composition Studies" by Elizabeth Brewer, Cynthia L. Selfe, and Melanie Yergeau BOOK REVIEWS "Reading Diverse Rhetors and Rhetorics: Rewriting History, Reimagining Scholarship" Reviewed by Virginia Crisco, including reviews of Women and Rhetoric Between the Wars, edited by Ann George, M. Elizabeth Weiser, and Janet Zepernick; The Rhetoric of Rebel Women: Civil War Diaries and Confederate Persuasion, by Kimberly Harrison; Educating the New Southern Woman: Speech, Writing, and Race at the Public Women's Colleges, 1884-1945, by David Gold and Catherine L. Hobbs "Vernacular Eloquence: What Speech Can Bring to Writing," by Peter Elbow, reviewed by Jacquelyn E. Hoermann and Richard Leo Enos "Reclaiming the Rural: Essays on Literacy, Rhetoric, and Pedagogy" edited by Kim Donehower, Charlotte Hogg, and Eileen E. Schell, reviewed by Jeffrey G. Howard "Writing as a Way of Being: Writing Instruction, Nonduality a
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