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Common Sense 2012

New Kobo Germany
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I describe myself as a regular American citizen with a sometimes demanding Independent political hobby. My background is a 34-year career in the Information Technology industry in Washington, DC supporting corporate and Federal agency clients. My specialties are solving business problems and resolving difficult project situations. I am a professional business problem solver and America is a business in Trouble. In December 2002, I left my IT career. I didn't see anyone trying to protect the Common Good of our citizens and still don't, do you? That is Our challenge! In 2003-2004 I had an official yet amateur Independent campaign for President, which taught me volumes. In 2004, I self-published my first book the 321-page, Common Interest. After Bush II was unfortunately re-elected I decided to write the second book. I knew things would only get worse for the Masses. The 718-page, The Second Coming of Common Sense (CS2) was self-published in February 2008. It is about what is wrong with America and how We could actually fix it! Now in February 2012 the book, Common Sense 2012 (Our 2012 Electoral Revolution) and Our 99% Solution is published in eBook formats. The 2-volume book tells how We the People may build the AP Party in 2012 and run our candidates against up 468 Congressional incumbents, AND, how to realistically approach the inevitable Second Great Depression and confront overly centralized wealth in America. It is up to We the People.
Produktdetails Publishing Publishing
ISBN:9781602649842 Publishing Publishing