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The Intelligence of Dumb Animals

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The Intelligence of Dumb Animals Ken Bull Are animals really dumb? I guess it depends on what the definition of dumb is. If dumb means that animals do not make noises, then they are not dumb. If dumb means that animals do not communicate, then they are not dumb. If dumb means that they do not communicate with humans, then there is some doubt, but one might question whether the problem is with the animal or with the human. Certainly they communicate with others of their species and often with other species as well. I think that they can and do communicate with humans. Most of those who read this will know that their pets do communicate with them. A dog or a cat will surely get across that they need to "go out." Dog owners know that dogs learn tricks and perform on command. Cat owners know that cats spend all of their time training their owners. Certainly pets understand human languages. They know when you are unhappy and when you are pleased. Your gruff voice may send them cowering but they know that their careful response to your anger usually will bring forgiveness. The lesser domesticated animals, horses, cows, sheep, goats, dogs, cats and the wild animals as well do respond to humans. They respond to voices and are particularly attentive to body language. Barbara and I own and operate a ranch in Central Texas. Actually, Barbara owns the ranch and I just work here. Truthfully, the ranch owns us. It decides what we will do each day and when we might take a trip or even when we may go to town for more supplies. Invariably, when we leave for a day or two, the bulls will break down a gate and let the herds mix or the horses will get into a wire fence and cut a leg or some cow will get in trouble having a calf. One gets afraid to leave the place. I don't know how the animals know that we are gone but they seem to know. But it's a great life style if you love working with animals. We took over the ranch operations in 1974 and now live in a house on the ranch. We have ra
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