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Petit Paul Globe Trotter (English Version)

New Kobo Germany
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Petit Paul Globe Trotter is a series of colour books for children, an engaging set of stories that explores the wonders, joys, and challenges of travel and multiculturalism in the perspective of a toddler. This book series is a collaborative labor of love between author Lise Leyris, illustrator Maxim Lo Mei Sum, Dr. M. Fraissinet, and of course, Paul. The Earth is a big and beautiful world full of sights, sounds, tastes, and people of all kinds to meet, and the young traveler Petit Paul is eager to experience it all. In this installment of the series, our little traveler explores Hong Kong, the city of his birth, a place made up of the traditional and the modern, influenced by the East and the West, and full of people from just about everywhere in the world. It can be challenging for a three-year-old boy to take all of this diversity in, but Petit Paul can always turn to mum and dad for answers, stories, laughs, and hugs. Traveling to different places and interacting with the many cultures can be fun, exciting, and even intimidating at times, but with the help of his parents and friends, Petit Paul can happily learn and experience what it is to be a citizen of the world. The Petit Paul Globe Trotter series has been created in various languages (English, French, Simplified Chinese and Spanish). An iPad version will soon be available to make for a more interactive reading experience. The Petit Paul Globe Trotter series is a product of Extend My World®, visit www.
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