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Heaven's Nursery

New Kobo Germany
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Did you ever have a dream so rare and so real with colors, beauty, and tranquility unlike anything here on earth? And while in that dream, you were there not just in mind but in body too? I have. I dreamed I was in heaven, and it was so much more than I could imagine. There were angels surrounding me, and I felt so protected. As I turned to look at each of these angels, they were all staring at me. Their eyes never blinked. One angel took me by my hand and guided me. She was my guardian angel. They were all so beautiful. As I walked, they seemed to be gliding alongside of me so effortlessly and gracefully. Their skin shimmered; as they moved, tiny sparkles were left floating in the air all around us, glowing in brilliant shades of every color. The gaze from their eyes captured my soul with their beauty and kept me entranced. When they spoke, it was with a whisper followed by a faint, haunting echo. Their long tresses floating like long satin ribbons gently trailing behind them. Each dressed in a white silk gown delicately fl owing in a constant state of motion. Upon their shoulders were wings covered in white and golden down feathers. The floors were made of clouds, the ceilings were the stars, and the walls were made of golden pillars that divided heaven into chambers, each with its own special purpose. The first chamber shown to me was the nursery. In this nursery were angels nurturing tiny souls, each nestled in a cloud-like cradle. These little souls glowing with the intensity of the sun. My guardian angel told me they are a part of the soul of a past family member. Upon the birth of a child in that family, the soul and the child become one. A part of you will always live on. My guardian angel turned to me, held my hands, and then caressed my face. She gazed into my eyes and said, "Your grandchild is in this nursery. You will be a grandmother soon." I looked back into the nursery and wondered which tiny soul was mine. I looked back at her and asked, "When will I
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