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The True Make Believe Story Soul Collection Series #1

New Kobo Germany
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Once upon a time Gina, the Goddess Queen of All-Souls, recorded her history in books for all worlds to enjoy. This is Gina's time. It's now 2013, and the right time for this Angel of Victory to share her story. During her adventures she travelled to many places, and worlds. One of the worlds Gina visits is called the IINN-E. Non-Believers say the IN doesn't exist. Some say the IN is a secret society and others say it's just a myth. Regardless; Gina's a Believer so the IN is connected to her life story. During Gina's time there are many Masters, Lords, Kings, and Queens at work, and play on many game boards. They play soul collection games. The Powers that Be play for real. Some players play for fun where only card, candy and toy souls are collected. Many do training exorcises on game boards to learn how to rule the IN. Some players want to be famous legends who rule, and others want to take over the world. Some players wanted all the fame, fortune, money, riches, and power for themselves. Once the games are over the losers soul cards are collected. Their wealth and possessions are spread to other teams. There are many game competitions on all the many levels. Winners of the IN's soul collection games are given honours, titles, riches, power and glory. Winners victories are celebrated, soul collection cards are made to honour them, and their history is recorded.
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EAN:Xlibris US
Xlibris US
Xlibris US