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Fiddle Fit & Food Fabulous

New Kobo Germany
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If you've been struggling to make better choices when it comes to eating smart and staying fit, this inspirational book will help you to discover your own secret recipe to leading a healthier lifestyle. Forget the latest dietary fads or short-term health solutions, Fiddle Fit & Food Fabulous will show you that the true secret to a healthier lifestyle can only be found by making smarter choices when it comes to "food as a way of life." Are you tired of dieting only to gain back that unwanted weight? Have you been looking for a way to stay fit and trim and keep the weight off? Are you in need of a food fabulous lifestyle makeover? Fiddle Fit & Food Fabulous will not only give you the inspiration you need to start leading a food-smart lifestyle, it will also give you the necessary health conscious foundation to manage your weight for life. After years toiling with her own battles to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, Alison Cox found success by making smart health conscious modifications to her diet and lifestyle. Determined to help others achieve the same success, Alison Cox reveals her frank and honest approach to eating right, incorporating fitness into a daily routine, and staying healthy for life. With obesity rates soaring to epidemic proportions in North America, it is more important than ever to change the way we look at food in relation to our own bodies and lifestyle. In this book, Alison Cox shares her own personal journey of conquering the ongoing battle to lose weight and keep it off for life. Alison has spent several years developing recipes that offer simple alternatives to some of today's most popular foods. With over 80 recipes that include organic foods, gluten-free options, and a wide variety of healthier ingredients, Fiddle Fit & Food Fabulous maintains the flavour of all your favourite dishes and makes changing your lifestyle into a fun and rewarding experience. Fiddle Fit & Food Fabulous offers a wealth of inspiration, healthy re
Marke:Trafford Publishing
EAN:Trafford Publishing
Trafford Publishing
Trafford Publishing