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One Solitary Life

New Kobo Germany
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In the ever recurring passage of the ages, as life, civilizations, cultures and humanity's awareness have evolved, a message has been eternally whispered in man's ear; a continuum of Divine Revelation has unfolded essential to the next pending chapter in the Book of Life and bearing a profound vision of mankind's spiritual heritage. The message contained in this Ageless Wisdom has been one of promise and hope, of a future fulfillment and the possibility of attaining an ecstatic, unified state called Heaven, Nirvana, Mecca or Paradise awaiting mankind at the end of his journey. The Divine Knowledge (Gnosis) explored in the trilogy, One Solitary Life, embodies the coordinates of the path of man's evolution toward divinity, leading to the attainment of man's Spiritual Legacy; union with the Divine. In the first two books of this trilogy we have explored our origins and the nature of the universe we share. Now we turn to the ultimate quest for the enlightened awareness of the Christ nature dormant within each of us. Using the New Testament as allegory for this quest we live the story of Jesus with him, examining the journey through his eyes. What is the meaning of the virgin birth and the visit of the three Magi? Why three temptations in the wilderness and what were the real tests involved? Why did Jesus bring Peter James and John with him to the mount of the Transfiguration? What were the underlying meanings of the mantras spoken on the cross? Did he really die for our sins, or live to show us the "way"? The answers will surprise you and they could transform the meaning of this scripture for all time in the hearts of men and women of faith everywhere."The Christ Epoch" is the quintessential exploration of the mystical Path of Light personified by Christ. It delves deep into the symbolic meanings of the events depicted in the gospel accounts of the New Testament, revealing the nature of the path before each human being and the perfected state of human consciousness.