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Unleash the Beauty and Power of Love

New Kobo Germany
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Chapter 1: To cross the great unknown to harvest love is a challenge weall face. Chapter 8: You cannot close your heart, ignore the hurting world aroundyou, and be content with life. Chapter 32: Love is real. The question is whether we are real enough toembrace love. Chapter 21: We hide inside shells of denials and go under shades of liesto avoid the piercing rays of truth. Chapter 6: To share love in the arena of life, you open the vault of yourheart and disburse gems polished by God. Chapter 11: Regret robs your life. It is a thief you allow to rummage yoursoul and steals the precious life you have been given. Chapter 27: In the face of adversity, you are forced to define yourself. You are given a chance to show your essence. The depth of your heartexposed and the size of your faith revealed. Chapter 2: Love binds feelings on the solid rock of faith and ties passionwithin the sacrificial cord of promise. Chapter 34: Life grows cold when you do not put ideas in the furnaceof adversity. When you tarry, dreams become wavering titillations of thesoul, and aspirations turn into useless trinkets of the mind. Chapter 16: When we fail to follow God, we drift in a sea of confusion, struggle in the field of opportunity, and wither in the garden of life.
Marke:WestBow Press
EAN:WestBow Press
WestBow Press
WestBow Press