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More Than a Servant

New Kobo Germany
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More Than a Servant" by author Darryl L. Rivers takes place in the life of every Christian believer that is, or will be part of today's workplace environment. With sound Biblical examples and some shared real life experiences, Darryl provides readers with great insight on the right now realities of being Christ like while at work, and some foundational foresight to guide the expectations we have of our employers. With chapter topics ranging from becoming "The Standard", and "Avoiding Rebellion" to "Position is Not Enough", Rivers challenges readers to communicate their belief by performance and perseverance in lieu of preaching the Gospel in the workplace. A brief excerpt from "More Than a Servant" Chapter Five (Planting vs. Performing) pg. 59 "We have been armed with the information that all will not accept our faith. This is not an open invitation to not sow, but a piece of wisdom to guard your heart. Whenever seed has been sown, we cannot place our expectation as a measuring rod to gauge our future performance. We must look for the revelation in what is uncovered in our sowing. The quality of the soil will be exposed based on our sowing, yet a decrease in performance should never be the result of God's revelation process. Revelation is purposed to bring you into a position to manifest God's glory, not to put a device in your heart the will limit your potential to be great in your career, profession, or current assignment." "More Than a Servant" is an easy read that is readily applicable to the working Christian. A revolutionary guide to operating as a true servant of God while working in the wilderness of today's world.
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