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A Journey from Star to Star

New Kobo Germany
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It is my first so perhaps a little rough around the edges, ~ A scientifically religious and spiritual approach to our reality and how our perspective and thoughts create the environments of our social and physical humanity. including my thesis on the evolution of the big bang and life's energy cycles through eternity. To change your perspective is to change your life. The value of having a positive and progressive one is that the journey becomes more joyful and compassionate along the way. Humanity creates the mental and physical environments that we all collectively coexist in thus we must individually but collectively create a proper perspective and attitude before we can effectively make change in a constantly positive and beneficial direction. The key to happiness and proper attitude is our personal perspective, This only you can adjust. Compassion shown to another person is reflected back at you through karma and society. The real battle is with ourselves. When we can admit our own faults, we can solve the issues that affect our destination effectively and not arrogantly. By understanding the nature of matter and creation we can logically understand the connection between things that exist in our environment. From this knowledge of a continuous connection we can solve the problems of humanity, with Compassion, Physics, Logic, Mathematics, Philosophy, Metaphysics, and Theology in hand. We can do this as well as keeping our Equal rights to believe in our individual Religions. Evolution and Ecology are constantly advancing our practical applications in science and health. We have and will progress relevantly to the speed at which we can discover ourselves. Beneficial steps towards the progress of humanity and our future are continuously being made. But at times it seems the right hand does not keep the left up to date. This may, or may not be an intentional lack of control. But, It is thoughtless, and slows humanities' progress no matter the cause. We should all w