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Rip's Roundball and Redemption

New Kobo Germany
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It is my intent in the writing of this book to reveal a few of the many lessons (in life) that should be taught to our student athletes. We must be able to reach each individual's heart and mind through the understanding of these methods, concepts and ideas. I firmly believe we must develop the character of the student athlete first in order for them to achieve success in life and through this development of character the student athlete will establish a firm foundation on which to make sound decisions. The coaching of basketball allows an opportunity to teach and establish positive morals and values and in doing so will allow the student athlete a foundation from which they can reasonably expect success. We as coaches, parents and educators must help to develop the minds and hearts of our young student athletes if we are to succeed and flourish as a nation. It is my belief that through a successful sports program, such positive ideas, concepts and methods can be taught and expressed. I believe such ideas as setting goals, the development of a positive attitude and self-discipline are essential in the growth and well-being of our student athletes and our nation. Hopefully, through the teaching of these ideas and methods, individual growth will continue and with an expanded self awareness, selfishness will be replaced by selflessness. When this transformation of the heart and mind is complete and when we, as individuals, turn from selfishness to selflessness, all mankind will begin to fully understand the meaning of God's love. It is through the acceptance of God's love, we as His creation are drawn to Jesus Christ. For God is love and it is only through knowing Jesus Christ that love truly lives. I wholeheartedly believe, that with this new found knowledge of Christ, will come eternal truth, faith, hope and salvation. (John 3:16) Respectfully, Phil Ripton