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Teach Me Love

New Kobo Germany
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The highest form of love is the love of God the Father for man and man in turn loving God. It is a covenant love of a Father for the humans He created, and the humans returning this love to God. Love is all about seeing God the Father in people, and desiring them for the purpose of God. There is need to explain what true love means in the present generation and more importantly, it needs to be taught. What our youths see around them today may be far from the true meaning of love. We learn the facts of life, we learn to swim, we learn to drive, so teach me love. Teach Me Love is intended to share and spread the gospel of love. There is an urgent need to remind ourselves of the need to share the self-sacrificing love. We need to take practical steps towards love, practical steps towards making a difference in each other's life. Let's teach each other Love. Mercy Gogo Iwo Brown Mannasseh has a burning desire to enlighten our youths and impact on their lives. She's on a mission to touch lives positively and help them live their best life. She has for long struggled with the question of what to do with her gifts of inspiration and motivation. Then PlayHouse was conceived. PlayHouse is a non-governmental organization whose main objective revolves around the youths. Every youth is given by Nature innate or in-born potentials that are seemingly dormant or buried in them. These potentials most often require to be activated by the right environment. It is, therefore, expedient that the right and suitable environment is given to bring out the best abilities from these youths. If a youth in the growing up years is not appropriately taught, instructed or directed, even the best potentials in that youth may be killed and never actualized. Working from the premise that every youth is significant, and every youth is unique, she organized a pool of Para Soccer teams in Rivers State. Under her leadership, the team has won many national competitions. The Rivers State Ministry of Sport