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A View from the Back Pew

New Kobo Germany
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Engages with the taboo questions of Christianity as investigative reportage, exploring the "mysteries of faith".Is America becoming preoccupied with religion?In a country with a tradition of keeping matters of creed private, we are now seeing religion in the headlines almost daily, while ironically, escalating numbers of Americans are abandoning organized religion altogether.A recent Pew survey of Americans show: 91% believe in God, 44% have switched religions, 71% of 18-30 year-olds are spiritual but not religious and the Catholic Church estimates at least one third of Catholics are lapsed. We are a nation under God, a country of believers it seems, but one undergoing a collective shift in our allegiance to organized religion. But, before the individual shifts they are aided by looking at what they were taught to believe in the first place.A View from the Back Pew: God, Religion & Our Personal Quest for Truth investigates the mysteries of faith in a no-holds-barred expose into the very core of the Christianity. Candid, humorous and controversial, Tim O'Donnell takes us on a powerful search for balance between faith and personal experience, between the roots of Christianity and layers of doctrine and between ritual and the connection to the entity we call God.A View from the Back Pew is not written for theologians or the so-called spiritual illuminati, but for ordinary people who are asking deeper questions about their faith. Before one can venture from the safe harbor of organized religion to the open water of spirituality, it helps to be clear about what causes our quandary. This book helps deal with the imprint religion has made while leaving out the guilt commonly linked to asking such questions. My hope writes O'Donnell is that if you are drawn to the Divine but labor over dogma and ritual, you will find a fresh perspective in my view from the back pew.
Marke:Linchpin Publishing
EAN:Linchpin Publishing
Linchpin Publishing
Linchpin Publishing