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Modern Lifestyles: How to Save Electricity and Reduce Your Energy Bill

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ABOUT THE BOOK The annual energy bill for a typical single home is approximately $2,200, and these days, many of us are looking for easy ways to save money on utilities. Most of the appliances in your house probably use moderate to high levels of energy consumption. Now is the time to take advantage of new products on the market or just take simple steps to reduce energy around your home. Many changes can be made fairly easily and inexpensively without having to hire someone to give an expensive opinion. This article is intended to provide you, the consumer, with straightforward and easy ways to reduce energy consumption and to save you money. MEET THE AUTHOR The Hyperink Team works hard to bring you high-quality, engaging, fun content. If ever you have any questions about our products, or suggestions for how we can make them better, please don't hesitate to contact us! Happy reading! EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK Neglecting to Maintain a Pool or Hot Tub within Your Home Another sure fire way to lose money on electricity is to neglect your pool or hot tub. If you own a heated pool, the best way to save energy is to invest in a solar cover. You can lower the heating element on your pool, allowing the solar cover to maintain the heat, and you will save money on pool heating costs. The solar cover has the potential for drawing free heat from the sun to heat the pool, and it also prevents evaporation of the water. Clean pool filters on a daily basis. Keep the cover on your hot tub when not in use as well. Maintain a comfortable water temperature, usually under 80 degrees. By doing so, you will save more money on heating costs of the pool. This is also another good example of where the solar cover can come in good use. Keep the filters of the pool clean on a daily basis. Not doing so can clog the pool with unwanted debris and cause it to work harder and drawing on more electricity. Buy a copy to keep reading! CHAPTER OUTLINE Modern Lifestyles: How to Save Electricity an