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iPhone and iPad Apps Every User Should Own

New Kobo Germany
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ABOUT THE BOOK You've probably already heard this said: there has never been a better time to download apps tailored to your "on-the-go" interests and goals than now. In fact, it's a reality we're all counting on; that extra support and access is so darn promising for individuals and businesses alike. And indeed, app downloads do continue to rise to express both our yearnings and the continued undiminished popularity of apps themselves. The Apple blog cites 32.2 million app downloads per day by Mac users, nearly three times more than music downloads on iTunes while AdMob offers up some compelling stats, pointing up the same similar growing interest nationwide. But it's you specifically we are talking about here, you who are probably eager to delve into the promise of your experience and not just your device. If this is so, immersing yourself straight away in app frenzy is not necessarily the best way to get going - especially if you're a newbie, wondering where to get the lowdown on apps in plain English, or have a hope to avoid the advertising onslaught and that feeling of becoming deluged by exposure to too much choice. EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK Also, be sure to look at the operating guidelines for any apps you plan on purchasing. Some work on iPads or iPhones alone, some both, some only on certain versions of those models. You can get that information from choosing "Apps", seeing the purpose described on the iTunes product page, and then, on the left side of that page, seing the specs. It may say "4.2 or higher", referring to the system version or it may specifically designate that it will no longer work at all on certain models. In either case, you want to be sure that these match the device you have so you won't be disheartened should access not be developed for your model. Increasingly commonplace are apps that sync to multiple devices, however. This means that your information or that particular app operation will be accessible no matter where you are, keeping