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250 Useful Spanish Phrases while Eating Out in Restaurants

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ABOUT THE BOOK A tourist could most certainly enjoy the sites and atmosphere of many Spanish-speaking countries without knowing much more than a few token Spanish words to throw around as a courtesy. But it would be a shame not to go a bit deeper, especially when it comes to dining out. Whether it be at a roadside cart, an outdoor cafe or a dimly-lit and smoky restaurant, few activities encapsulate the feel of the lifestyle in a Spanish-speaking country like eating amongst the fellow gente (people). These are the places where people often spend their siesta time noshing on tapas (small plates/appetizers) or get ready for a big evening out with a late-evening cena (dinner). As such, mealtime represents social time, and great opportunity for you absorb the culture and have fun through speaking to and making nice with the locals, or your fellow travelers. The staff at your dining spot is also an excellent source of information for what to do and see around the area. MEET THE AUTHOR Markkus Rovito took a degree in journalism and ran with it, covering topics such as music, technology, business, health and the future for a variety of print and online publications, including Remix, MaximumPC, DJ Tech Tools, Charged EVs, San Francisco Business Times, Philadelphia Weekly, Mac Life, MacHome, Electronic Musician, and others. EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK You may be in a different country, but the restaurant process pretty much resembles what you're used to. Food does not magically appear in front of your famished face. You may still need to wait on a table or possibly make a reservation. Let's have at it. What kind of food do you serve? Que tipo de comida sirven Is there a table free? Hay una mesa libre Buy a copy to keep reading! CHAPTER OUTLINE 250 Useful Spanish Phrases while Eating Out in Restaurants + Introduction + Say It Proud - Spanish Pronunciation + Pre-meal Arrangements + Before the Order + .and much more