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Unleashed: A New Paradigm of African Trade in the world is a socio-political-economic discourse of how to rid African countries of the scourge of poverty. The suggested structural shift is based on African countries converting to export-oriented economies. The book discusses the subject through the lens of trade and development. The narrative is broken down into three sections. In the first section, the book looks at the main reason for the core challenges facing African countries. It reviews some historical context of Africa in global trade, including the dominance of western chartered companies in the medieval era. It examines the effect of the clash of cultures on Africa and how the technical superiority in weapons, transportation, navigation and a superior cultural order overwhelmed Africa. In the second section, the book reviews the rise of Asian Tigers and analyzes the relevance and transferability of specific qualities in the rise of Tiger economies to African countries. Particular attention is given to the phenomenal transformation of China and the decisions that led to it. In part three the book reviews a series of opportunities to transform the economies of African countries. It analyzes the institutions and policies necessary to create competitive societies. It challenges African leaders to address the fissures of service delivery and dependability as well as the legal framework necessary to assure safety of capital in their economies. Finally the section shares information about trade and financial engineering models that will increase the flow of industrial projects to every country.
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