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Themes in Religion and American Culture

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Designed to serve as an introduction to American religion, this volume is distinctive in its approach: instead of following a traditional narrative, the book is arranged thematically. Eleven chapters by top scholars present, in carefully organized and accessible fashion, topics and perspectives fundamental to the understanding of religion in America. Some of the chapters treat aspects of faith typical to most religious groups, such as theology, proselytization, supernaturalism, and cosmology. Others deal with race, ethnicity, gender, the state, economy, science, diversity, and regionalism-facets of American culture that often interact with religion. Each topical essay is structured chronologically, divided into sections on pre-colonial, colonial, revolutionary and early republican, antebellum, postbellum and late nineteenth-century, early twentieth-century, and modern America. One can study the extended history of a certain theme, or read "across" the book for a study of all the themes during a specific period in history. This book's new approach offers a rich analysis of the genuine complexity of American religious life. With a helpful glossary of basic religious terms, movements, people, and groups, this book will become an essential tool for students and teachers of religion. Contributors: Yvonne Chireau, Swarthmore CollegeAmy DeRogatis, Michigan State UniversityWilliam Durbin, Washington Theological UnionTracy Fessenden, Arizona State UniversityJames German, State University of New York, PotsdamPhilip Goff, Indiana University-Purdue University at IndianapolisPaul Harvey, University of Colorado, Colorado SpringsSue Marasco, Vanderbilt University Winnifred Fallers Sullivan, University of Chicago Divinity SchoolRoberto Trevino, University of Texas, ArlingtonDavid Weaver-Zercher, Messiah CollegeDesigned specifically to serve as a core text for an introduction to American religion, this volume is distinctive in its approach: instead of following a traditional narrativ
Marke:The University of North Carolina Press
EAN:The University of North Carolina Press
The University of North Carolina Press
The University of North Carolina Press