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SIzzling Soups For All Seasons

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SIzzling Soups For All Seasons by Kanchan Kabra The story of a green movement started by Bhausaheb Santuji Thorat in Sangamner Tehsil in Maharashtra. A practicing farmer himself, he mobilised the local population, including the youth and children, to work towards greening of the arid wastelands of Sangamner through the planting of trees. In the first month, he succeeded in getting 45 million seeds and saplings planted in the area. He started a movement that can serve as a role model, not only for the country, but all over the world. About The Author: Kanchan Kabra is a big name in Food & Nutrition, she endorses best quality food products, it enhances the image of the product and brand value. She provides strength to the concept and the product by proper positioning. She creates menus based on the books that she has published, which includes indian and international cuisine. If you need a winning menu, tastefully designed for health and wellness, and also to attract focussed groups and customers or if you are planning to set up a new restaurant, you can promote your restaurant with a high quality menu concept. We will show you how to get repeat diners with setting of personalised menus, seasonal menu changes, how to set up menus for group dining, and also points to consider in catering and takeout. The Author is qualified Nutritionist. "The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards" are considered the OSCARS for those who "Cook with words". It is the Oscars in the World of Food and Wine, and this Supreme honour was bestowed to Kanchan Kabra for her work, "The Paneer Cook Book" When the then President of USA. Mr. Bill Clinton came to visit India, the onus of preparing the menu was given to her. In keeping with her splendid culinary skills and knowledge, she prepared a menu worthy of her revered guests and also of the delicious heritage of the region. The author then presented her bestseller work, "The Gujarat cookbook" to the impressed president. Kanchan Kabra creates menus whi