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Incredible Change-Bots

New Kobo Germany
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This pocket-sized volume is to The Transformers what Avenue Q is to Sesame Street - a mocking, fawning, idiotic, adoring paean to a pop culture phenomenon inseparable from the artists person. Although allegory without substance, all action and no moral, its delightful fluff." - Library Journal"Its all wonderfully silly and, except for a few pungent expressions, genuinely childlike and playful, radiating an aura of being made up as it goes along. Just plain delightful." - Booklist"Incredible Change-Bots manages to find the perfect balance between nostalgia and self-aware fun." - MTV Splash Page"Robots shooting lasers is one thing. But add a well-placed BEW BEW BDEW BEW and its magical. Incredible Change-Bots may look like its made for boys who grew up in the 80s. And it is. But its so much fun that everyone will appreciate it. " - Playback: STL"Brown is a master at lunkheadedly awesome sight gags and wordplay. I found myself wiping away tears and laughing out loud in inappropriate public places more times than I would like to mention while reading this book." - Ink 19Far away in space, there is a planet populated by machines able to change from robot form to vehicle form - the Incredible Change-Bots! Leaving their war-torn planet, the Change-Bots arrive on Earth, where their battle continues - BUT AT WHAT COST?Part parody, part nostalgic tribute, part moral fable, with Incredible Change-Bots Jeffrey Brown re-invents the shape-changing robot genre into a goofy action comedy that's full of romance, melodrama, and epic battles! The first FULL-COLOR graphic novel from Jeffrey Brown is an all-ages friendly (only one guy and some robots die) explosion of sci-fi fun.
Marke:Top Shelf Productions
EAN:Top Shelf Productions
Top Shelf Productions
Top Shelf Productions