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Daniel, Hosea and Joel

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The prophet Daniel spoke to a people in exile. He reminded them that God had not forgotten them. He was a man who stood out in his day as one who was not afraid to be faithful to the God he loved and worshipped. In his exile, Daniel distinguished himself as a God fearing Jew wh o could interpret dreams. He was rewarded with a place of prominence among the wise men of the land. During this time, Daniel would have a series of visions pointing to the historical events that would lead up to the coming of a great Messiah and the end times. Hosea, was a prophet called by God to minister in a time a great spiritul decline in the nations of Israel and Judah. By God's command He married and unfaithful wife. Their relationship would symbolize the relationship between God and His people of that day. He spoke of the grief and anger of God over Israel's unfaithfulness. He calls his people to return to her God who would love and restore them. Joel likely lived just prior to the exile of God's people in Judah. He warned them of a coming invastion to purify the Land. He also spoke of a day after this judgement of God when the Spirit of God would move in a wonderful way among His people. His prophecy looked forward to the great day of Pentecost. Peter would describe what happened when the Holy Spirit fell on His people in the book of ACts by reciting the prophecy of Joel. These important prophetic books of the Bible challenge us to walk in obedient faithfulness to God. They teach us about a God who judges but who also blesses and rewards those who love and walk with Him. Each chapter of this book is concluded with some questions to consider and some points for prayer to help apply the passage to your daily life.
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Light To My Path Book Distribution
Light To My Path Book Distribution