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I Have An Opinion

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IT HAS been seven months since the planets and airlines aligned so that we might find ourselves in the same country, in the same space, face to face. Normally this kind of movement in the skies only occurs once every two years. After 25 years of being there for each other through heart-break, angst, and a particularly nasty case of food poisoning (good job there were two toilets in the house), we are nothing less than life-long friends. But. as warm and happy as our first greeting was in seeing each other again on a breezy July, within six point two minutes of that initial greeting, my lifelong friend's eyes were glued to her Blackberry, as she busily read incoming texts and sent out some of her own. Her soon-to-be 24-year-old daughter was equally transfixed by the upgrade to an iPhone; while ex-hubby was silently being enamoured with his no-name cell, massaging its multiple buttons into a Facebook status. (I discovered this later when I saw it on my live feed.) No-one was talking to those present and breathing in front of them, begging the question: should I just go home? I Have An Opinion offers attitude on social media, language, reality tv, religion, law, money, our lives. From Somebody Get Me A Hammer! author Hope Barrett, this collection of blogs invites you to open your mind and think: what's really happening here? Thoughtful, engaging, and opinionated ~ on every topic that matters, including death, dysfunction, and diarrhoea.
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North Door 37 Publishing
North Door 37 Publishing