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Army Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures ATTP 4-10 (FM 3-100.21) Operational Contract Support Tactics Techniques, and Procedures

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The Army continues enhancing its capability to plan and provide effective operational contract support (OCS) for deployed Army and Joint forces. Operational tempo and reduced force structure has created a greater reliance upon commercial support to augment uniformed capabilities. Because of the unique nature of contracted support in contingency operations, the Army has made a concerted effort to improve our capability to plan and effectively integrate OCS into full spectrum operations. While OCS provides a commercial means to fulfill Army requirements, the overall responsibility for mission accomplishment remains with the commander; not with the contracting support organization. This new Army tactics, techniques and procedures (ATTP) manual is written for Army operational commanders and their non-acquisition officer staffs. It is applicable from brigade to Army Service Component Command levels. It provides "how to" guidance for planning, requirements preparation, and integration of OCS into combat operations. This ATTP will also facilitate the effective transition from combat to security and stability operations. Application of this ATTP will enable Army operational commanders, and their staffs, to efficiently obtain and effectively utilize available commercial support in a theater of operations. This Army Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (ATTP) manual provides operational contract support (OCS) "how to" guidance for Army Force commanders and their non- acquisition officer staffs. It is applicable from brigade to Army Service Component Command levels. It serves as the primary reference document for execution of OCS planning and integration and oversight tasks laid out in the Common Battle Staff Task 71-8-4150, Coordinate Contracting Support and AR 715-9, Operational Contract Support Planning and Management. This publication also serves as the primary reference document for the Army Logistic University's OCS Course.
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