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A Guide to Becoming a Police Officer in Canada

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If you would like to become a police officer in Canada, whether it be with the RCMP or any other Police Force, this book will provide you with a comprehensive step by step guide through the entire process. Becoming a police officer in Canada is extremely competitive. There are multiple exams, interviews, assessments, physical tests and reference checks all of which you need to pass to enter law enforcement. This guide is your opportunity to learn firsthand from past and present police recruiters how to successfully pass each stage in the hiring process, impress the department you are applying for and begin your career. This police preparation book is specifically designed for Canadians and is one-of-a-kind. A number of current and retired police officers in Canada have collaborated together to compile the most thorough, current, and relevant information that deals with preparing police applicants to pass each recruiting selection stage. Sgt J.T. Gilles is a former RCMP sergeant with 33 years of experience. Working as the sergeant in charge of the recruiting section, he was directly responsible for overseeing police applicants throughout the hiring process, and making final decisions on who to hire. Cst. Paul Tyler is a former police recruiter with one of the biggest city police departments in Canada who has years of experience in testing and interviewing applicants. Their experience and guidance is invaluable to those wanting to become a police officer in Canada. This book will specifically help you with: 1. Pre-Application Preparation: What to watch out for and stay away from. Learn what past behaviours are acceptable or are too much to overcome. 2. The Written Exams: Whether you are writing the RPAT, the RPAB, the PATI, the WCT, the ACT or APCAT, the SIGMA, or your police organization's specific written exam, you will need to know how to prepare and what to study. 3. The Physical Exams: Learn the best training for the physicals test you will be taking, whethe
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Walnut Grove Publishing
Walnut Grove Publishing