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Microsoft® Word® 2013 Getting Started with Word

New Kobo Germany
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Microsoft® Word® 2013: Getting Started with Word is a three-lesson basic level course that guides you through opening, creating, formatting, previewing, printing and saving text documents. In Lesson 1 you learn how to use Word to create or open, save, print and close text documents. You review the new Start screen and the elements of the Word window; then you key a text paragraph into a blank document; insert and remove text; and then save, close and reopen the document. You learn how to switch between multiple open documents and view documents in different reviewing or editing views. You learn different ways to position the insertion point in a document and how to modify Word interface options, use KeyTips and get help while working in Word. In Lesson 2 you learn how to select document text in a variety of ways in order to format, move, copy or delete it. You also learn how to format text characters by changing the font, font size, font color, font style and case. You learn to apply highlighting and special character effects to text and insert symbols and special characters. You also learn how to cut, copy and paste text; find and replace text; and use three proofing tools: Spelling and Grammar Check, Thesaurus and AutoCorrect. In Lesson 3 you learn how to change page orientation from landscape to portrait and vice versa. You learn how to change a document's layout by changing margins, setting line spacing and aligning and indenting paragraphs. You learn how to create a bulleted and numbered list; add headers, footers and page numbers; and change the document's pagination. You also learn how to save time while enhancing the appearance and readability of a document by applying styles and a document theme. Although this is a basic level course, experienced Word users switching to Word 2013 will benefit from this course, which can help them become more familiar with the Word 2013 user interface, the new Start screen and various task panes. Note that this c