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Italian Superstitions

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We are all superstitious, even those who affirm the opposite. Superstition is natural, it resides in all of us: it represents the human answer to rare, singular, and mysterious phenomena. All that cannot be explained or resolved in a logical manner disturbs the human spirit, promoting many to devise remedies that, while irrational, can restore hope and security. It is fear, therefore, that generates, feeds, and preserves superstition. Not surprisingly, religion with its dogmas, natural phenomena with its mysteries, and life's cycle with its uncertainties, have always been a source of superstitious beliefs. Andrea Malossini's book - which collects over one thousand superstitious - reports, in an orderly manner, Italian superstitious beliefs along with a brief description of their origin and mening. The intent is to give the reader an idea of Italian superstitions, in a smooth and easy way, hoping, thanks to the suggestion in the titles, to arouse curiosity. This small book is therefore not necessarily devoted to superstitious people, but to all of those who, perhaps out of habit, want to know why, when they see an upside down piece of bread on the table, they turn it over, or why, not being happy to have spilled some oil, they also throw a handful of salt over their shoulder. Author A firmly convinced rationalist and agnostic, Andrea Malossini is not superstitious and does not believe in the absurd and irrational rites suggested by superstitions. Luckily, he was born on a Thursday, of an even year, of a non-leap year, and apprentice on a Wednesday, therefore, undoubtedly, born under the best omens. Maybe for this reason- and for his inexhaustible curiosity towards the things that appear to the many as strange, mysterious and incomprehensible- he has been studying, collecting and writing for many years on topics regarding superstition and witchcraft without the fear of being charmed by them. Among the very few superstitions that he grants himself- more to keep family
Marke:Andrea Malossini
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Andrea Malossini
Andrea Malossini