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Expedition to the Poles

New Kobo Germany
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Poland's luminaries might include Lech Walesa and Fredéric Chopin and yet, what does one find at the most holy spot of the country? The monument of one Adam Mickiewicz. But who is this person? Poland boasts delicious food, a beautiful landscape, it's the country of the thousand lakes of Masuria, the Tatra Mountains, and of the melancholic Masovian Lowlands. Its biggest attraction however, are its people. For the past thousand years, they have been stuck between the Germans and the Russians - no wonder they are simultaneously pessimistic and have an absurd sense of humour. No wonder, too, that Polish people emigrate in masses! Current estimations suggest that there are nearly two million Poles living in the UK and in Ireland, along with several millions in the USA and in Australia. In fact, Chicago is the world's second biggest Polish populated city! This book is meant for anybody who has already travelled from the North to the South Pole, and is still unsure of where to travel to next year. But it is also well suited to readers who prefer to stay in merry old England because they already have a big circle of Polish acquaintances. If this is you, do you actually understand all the mannerisms and quirks of your Polish friends? Why is your friend Marek so reluctant to shake hands when greeting you at the door? Why does Anna hold a button on her blouse whenever she sees a chimney sweeper? This book will give you the answers to these questions and more. And if you happen to have recently met a beautiful Polish lady (or even a handsome Polish man!), this book is truly for you. It will teach you all the secrets to win their hearts, including - but not limited to - the most important grammar secrets of the complex Polish tongue. There is only one thing this book cannot do for you though: the Polish wedding. This one you will have to survive all by yourself. Good luck with it! P.S.: Let me give you one piece of advice for your married life: Between August and October, it is
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