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Success factors of international Mergers & Acquisitions

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Essay from the year 2010 in the subject Business economics - Economic Policy, grade: 1,7, University of Kent (Kent Business School), language: English, abstract: The history of mankind is marked by the striving of a person to surpass oneself. In the early days growth was mainly achieved by enlarging the own family, and during the times of sedentarisation growth was achieved by claiming more areas of arable land. These two human characteristics have survived to the present day and have been transferred into modern world economy - on the one hand striving for more and on the other hand the increase of own power or influence. Nowadays those men are called entrepreneurs, and they take care of these things in the economic world through Mergers and Acquisitions. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that this kind of enterprise growth has found more and more approval in the course of the last years. It is easy to recognize that development by comparing the impressively increasing transaction volumes. That this trend will obviously continue has been confirmed by one of the most recent surveys conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (Kronimus et al, 2009). According to the survey every fifth company in Europe plans an acquisition in the year 2010 - in spite of the continuing economic crisis. These figures look impressive, but if one gets deeper into the subject, one realises that almost 70% of these mergers do not achieve the intended objectives (Palmer, n.d.), or are even regarded as a complete failure (Habeck et al, 2000). Remarkable is the fact that there are even unsuccessful mergers involving financially sound companies. Therefore, it can be concluded that the success of a merger or a takeover not only depends on the financial evaluation of the involved organisations but rather that there must be other factors which play a significant role. These other factors will be identified in this paper and their importance will be critically discussed.
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