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Space Journalism as a Strategic Tool for Innovation and Improved Performance in Regional Banking

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Seminar paper from the year 2015 in the subject Communications - Miscellaneous, , language: English, abstract: In the present day, geographic information systems and space technology are no longer perceived as specializations of highly developed technological advancement and scientific exploration. They have turned out to be essential tools to facilitate development and for business to realise their aims, goals and objectives. Therefore, space journalism can be exemplified as a technology comprised of several applications such as remote sensing, satellite navigation systems (Global Positioning System) and satellite communication systems. These applications can be useful to the diverse development segments of the African Development Bank(ADB) and African Export-Import Bank (AFREXIMBANK). Space journalism can advance the efficiency of ADB and AFREXIMBANK businesses. The actual content of a man's life is embedded in his symbolical feat to achieve greatness through dint of hard work and excellence. Felix Ale,a household name in the field of Journalism, Corporate Communications as well as Space Science and Technology development in Nigeria, is indeed an exemplary focus of discipline, dedication, hardwork, selfless services, dynamism, humility and loyalty. A distinguished media practitioner per excellence, Felix Ale has defined himself as a strong, indifatigable and committed communication strategist and indeed a worthy ambassador of Nigeria Union of Journalists,a professional association he proudly belongs. He holds a Ph.D in Journalism from the prestigious ATLANTIC INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY in the United States with a special dissertation on SPACE JOURNALISM. This research work represents the first in the academic history of Nigeria. Ale, who currently work as Head, Media and Corporate Communications of the National Space Research and Development Agency(Nigeria Space Agency)in Abuja has equally attended the INTERNATIONAL SPACE UNIVERSITY in France for a Post graduate certificate cours
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