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Free to Learn: Five Ideas for a Joyful Unschooling Life

New Kobo Germany
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Humans are born to learn. So why are we so determined to get in our children's way? Leaving the traditional education system behind is definitely unconventional and sometimes scary, but it enables us to preserve our children's curiosity, creativity, and enthusiasm for learning. And that means more learning, not less. With more than a dozen years of unschooling experience, Pam Laricchia explains the five paradigm-shifting ideas about learning and living that freed her family from the school system's compulsory schedule and typical teaching methods. Her practical examples and stories may make all the difference in your life and the life of your child. In Free to Learn, you'll discover: - Why you want to look for learning, not teaching - How to see the learning that is happening everywhere, all the time - How judgement and shame short circuit learning, and what to do instead - How saying yes more encourages our children's learning and cultivates their confidence - How to give your children a voice in your family, and much, much more! Through its concise, easy-to-understand language, Free to Learn explores the depth and potential of unschooling and how it can strengthen your family's learning and relationships. If you like thoughtful educational ideas, step-by-step guides, and complex concepts explained in simple ways, then you'll love Pam's robust, user-friendly book. Buy Free to Learn today to find the joy in learning for your family! "Free to Learn is an elegant presentation of ideas that can help a family move from frustration to joy. For a family already involved in unschooling, the book can be a refresher and an inspiration to move ever nearer to the principles of parenting in this expansive way. It could be a great gift or loaner book for friends and relatives whose understandable fears and prejudices are keeping them from seeing the value of unschooling." ~ Sandra Dodd, author of Sandra Dodd's Big Book of Unschooling
Marke:Living Joyfully Enterprises
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Living Joyfully Enterprises
Living Joyfully Enterprises