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Web 2.0 Revealed

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Cash in on YouTube, MySpace, Digg, Google Video, Squiddo and much more and turn your Web 2.0 sites into automatic cash machines. Resell Rights Given. "Turn Your Web 2.0 Sites Into Automatic Cash Machines!" Intro To Web 2.0 The goal of this special report it to give you a ton of resources that will not only teach you all about Web 2.0 sites and how you can include them in your business plans but to also show you techniques and tools that will automate this entire process. I have put in many hours looking for both free and paid resources that will benefit you. My goal is to save you massive amounts of time and money so you can quickly implement these strategies before other marketers do. What Exactly Is Web 2.0 The internet is evolving, and the fall of the dot com craze has begun. In its place, the next generation of websites, Web 2.0, has arrived with promising potential. For example, YouTube (www., a video uploading website, was created in February 2005. Recently, less than two years after it was founded, YouTube was sold to Google for a whopping $1.64 billion. Web 2.0 success, such as that of YouTube, was recognized by many internet marketers. And, therefore, the concepts are being applied to hundreds of current websites. Though the number of Web 2.0 websites is growing rapidly, all of these websites stand with one main focus: the users. Did you know that Web 2.0 isn't really a certain type of site? It is a term that is being used to describe the new sites that are interactive with its members or customers. It allows these people to dynamically change these web sites, add content, and interact with other users of the site. These sites can be sites like www. that is a community site where users can create their own page and then they invite their friends to join. It can also be interactive sites where people can post pictures, videos, sound bites, and even blogs where info and feedback can be added to the sites.
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