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THE NATIONAL DEBT: A Primer and A Plan

New Kobo Germany
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At last American voters can see through the Washington doubletalk about the federal deficits and the national debt. This book uses plain language and a question-and-answer format to explain the unpleasant reality behind America's fiscal problems: the federal government's fiscal condition is much worse than you think it is. Chapter 1 provides an introduction to the federal government's financial condition. Chapter 2 explains the significant risks created by Washington's decades of deficit spending. Chapter 3 deals with the two types of national debt default. Chapter 4 defines the magnitude of America's fiscal problem and what would need to be done to quickly restore sound fiscal operation of the federal government. Chapter 5 compares the author's more Gradual Plan to the Congressional Budget Office's forecast and the Bowles-Simpson plan. Chapter 6 offers a new voter discipline that, when implemented by a sufficient number of voters, will hold our elected representatives accountable for a financially sound federal government. Over 30 original charts and tables zero in on the key questions about Washington's fiscal condition and the outlook for the next ten years. Some of the charts and tables answer questions that have yet to surface in the media. Those who read the book can help influence America's choice in the 2012 election: more deficits and higher national debt, or sound and sustainable fiscal policies?
Produktdetails, Inc., Inc.
ISBN:9781626468870, Inc., Inc.