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Too High a Price to Pay: The Health Care Reform Revolution - What It Is and What You Can Do

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After many years in the health care and insurance industries, author Kathleen Heery MS, RN, CCM was struck by the reality that health care services could better align with health and that the chaos and expense in receiving these services could be better coordinated. The Affordable Care Act, also called Obamacare, began these changes but at what cost? A great shift in how we receive health care services is underway - one that places more responsibility on you for both cost sharing and decision making. While it may seem confusing and overwhelming, it is possible for you to learn about health care reform, why it had to change, where we go from here and most importantly what you can do. Obamacare continues to shake up the world of health delivery and to survive it you need a clear understanding of issues as well as focused approaches to negotiate health decisions, navigate health care systems and advocate for personal health needs. This book provides the roadmap to make these shifts with simple and organized directions. Discover the 10 forces that brought the health care industry to its knees. Identify the 12 major changes brought about by health care reform. Adopt these eight (8) steps to help you navigate the new landscape and direct your personal health experiences.
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