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Measuring UP!

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Doesn't your child deserve every advantage? It's a common problem that all parents dread: their heretofore highly achieving child begins to fall behind in class or start scoring lower on tests. And while tutoring can help, too often remedial work feels like a temporary patch, not a permanent solution. Enter Dr. Tere Linzey and her BrainMatterZ program. A former basketball coach turned Educational Psychologist, Tere has successfully paired sports coaching techniques with the latest advances in neuroplasticity to help students retrain their brains for maximum academic capability. Having already helped more than 500 visionary students in the past six years rise up to and beyond their academic goals, it's no wonder that parents consistently recommend her program and frequently tell her, "You changed my child's life!" Now, with MEASURING UP Tere shows parents and educators how they themselves can provide a better way to help children achieve their best. By showing readers how neuroplasticity and brain optimization work, and how reshaping a student's cognitive skills can lead to better scores and results, MEASURING UP will become the go-to guide for parents and students looking for an edge in the hyper-competitive world of education. For the millions of parents out there who want the best opportunity to succeed for their children, this is the way. Dr Linzey's book explains in plain terms the complexity of neuroplasticity and how every child has the potential to benefit from it. BrainMatterZ is an impressively well thought out program embedding everything from the concept of an open mindset learning to dynamic brain training and coaching uniquely catered to each child. Powerfully written and extraordinarily informative for all. Sandra Fontenla, Medical Physicist, New York Tag line: Slogan for your book that be used as a headline on your product page. Doesn't your child deserve every advantage?
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