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Microsoft VBA Loop Statements for Word and Excel Includes Do…Until, While…Wend and For…Next Statements

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This book is the third and final book in the Microsoft VBA Codes Are Fun, Simple, and Easy to Learn In One Hour or Less series. I'm dedicated to making VBA as simple as possible for anyone who wants to harness its power and efficiency. Since I've already explained Microsoft VBA statements, built-in objects, arrays, variables, integers, Sub, Private Sub and Public Sub tags in my previous books, I won't be explaining them in this one. I also use everyday language with pictorial examples to explain how to understand and write Microsoft loop statements in both Word and Excel. This book contains more than 12 complete VBA Loop Statements or codes for both Microsoft Excel and Word that will allow the user to complete everyday tasks in seconds: aligning all normal text paragraphs, centering all header text, centering all images and photographs, while ignoring text and headers; there's also VBA codes in this book that will simultaneously re-size all images in a user's document, delete extra paragraph lines, insert empty paragraph lines, loop through spreadsheets and add custom Sparklines, and this book contains a VBA code that will color-code cells and their content based on logical statements, i.e, it will allow you to do what the Conditional Formatting feature was designed to do for you. I've also included a fun quiz chapter; your answers will not be provided by me; instead, you'll need to run each complete VBA code in the VBA module window; if you're wrong, you'll immediately know it, because the code(s) will either not work for you, or you'll receive an error message, while in the VBA Module window for Word and/or Excel. For users who purchase this book, I encourage each of you to use it in conjunction with your Microsoft Word and/or Excel VBA module help menu(s). Anything that I've not explained in this book can be found by typing a specific object name into the VBA window's help menu search field, e.g, ActiveDocument, Range, Cells, InlineShapes, etc… Because t
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