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British Democracy: Its Restoration and Extension Modern parliamentary democracy first developed in Great Britain and Britons played a major role in spreading democracy around the world (for example, through the Commonwealth). However, at the start of the 21st century, Britain itself was no longer a fully independent democratic country. As part of the European Union bloc, unelected and immovable foreign authorities determined a large part of its laws, policies, and taxes. Domestically meanwhile, such things as extra-parliamentary bureaucratic lawmaking, curbs on local political autonomy, moves from direct to indirect representation, and restrictions on the private funding and advertising of political parties had diminished democracy. This study provides a detailed review of the main political independence and constitutional reform requirements for restoring and extending democracy in present-day Britain. Contents 1. The Restoration and Extension Of British Democracy: An Overview of the Main Requirements Introduction and summary of the contents* 2. National Political Independence and Democracy: Withdrawal from the European Union The basic incompatibility between EU membership and the maintenance of parliamentary democracy, business-economic freedom, and the rule of law in Britain* The undemocratic nature of EU law- and policy-making institutions: the Parliament, Ministerial Councils, Commission, and Court of Justice* Democratic objections to the proposed new bloc Constitution* 3. The Reform of Parliament and Central Government Proposals for reforming the House of Commons, Lords, and Monarchy* The case for (e.g.) restoring to MPs the exclusive right to elect the parliamentary party leader/Prime Minister, a new constitutional ban on the delegation of parliamentary legislative and fiscal powers, and a direct territorially (county) elected Upper House* Limiting the powers of the executive* Civil Service reform* The abolition of bureaucratic regulatory authorities and othe
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