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Problem Solving for Busy People

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Are they being promoted over your head? Many people falsely believe being a problem spotter is sufficient to get a promotion. But your boss isn't interested in problems, they are interested in solutions. The person who provides the most solutions gets the promotions. Would you rather have a problem-spotter or a problem-solver on your team? Problem solving is something all of us need to do, and yet very few people do it methodically or well. Take this short test to see if you are a problem-spotter or a problem-solver. Answer Yes or No to the following statements or questions. Do you often see the solution and implement it right away? I believe there is only one correct solution to any given problem. Problems should always be fixed. I often find that small problems become larger when you look into them and are more difficult to solve. After I have implemented the solution I relax or move on to the next problem. I focus on making sure operations continue as normal, so problems will never appear. Once I've decided on a solution, I make it happen - no matter the opposition. Give yourself 4 points for a Yes answer and 1 point for a No answer. 7-16 You probably tend to view problems in a negative light instead of seeing them as an opportunity for change. You're approach to problem solving is probably more intuitive than systematic. This book can show you how to take a more systematic approach to problem-solving and generate better solutions. You'll learn the five classic steps to problem solving to use when you are faced with a problem to solve, and you'll be able to identify and respond to the challenges ahead. 17-23 Your approach to problem-solving is probably a bit hit-and-miss. Sometimes your solutions work very well and other times they don't. Or perhaps your solutions fail after some time has passed. You understand what you should do, and you recognize that having a structured problem-solving process is important. However you probably don't follow up, or hav
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