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Port Starbird

New Kobo Germany
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Mystery, History, and Adventure in the Outer Banks! RED CITY REVIEW BOOK AWARDS - FINALISTABNA REVIEW COMMENTS: "Really well-developed characters. feel like I know them. very quirky and entertaining. I thought the author did a great job of balancing information, history, and story. Very good writing in terms of both word choice and actual structure."FROM PUBLISHERS WEEKLY: "When a wealthy developer suspected of murder comes offering money for the land, Ketch is the last to hold out. Ketch's knowledge of the island is professorial and at times the novel reads like a history of Hatteras Island, something that will appeal to readers who adore a strong sense of place. The accented dialogue creates the right southern atmosphere. A good effort."FROM RED CITY REVIEW: "Port Starbird has everything that a fun, summer weather novel should have - adventure, romance, beautiful beaches, guitar playing, underwater excursions, and, of course, murder mystery intrigue! Could not be more of an enjoyable read unless you were receiving a massage while reading it. The storyline is engaging and the characters are so well written that you almost want to invite them to your next barbeque. Port Starbird should find a home on every shelf and become a yearly reading ritual."DESCRIPTION: What do you get when you combine coastal history and ecology, scuba diving, a love story, and a violent crime? In this quirky low-key murder mystery/adventure, Storm Ketchum, a damaged emigre to the coastal town of Avon on North Carolina's Outer Banks, likes to mind his own business and isn't any kind of detective - until he's forced to become one by extraordinary circumstances. On the verge of losing his modest waterfront home to an unscrupulous developer, Ketch stumbles onto the scene of a crime that might expose the perpetrator of an unsolved murder and enable him to save not only his own home, but also the similarly threatened bohemian boatyard community he's inexorably drawn into. And in case Pla
Marke:TBD Press
TBD Press
TBD Press