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Children's Story Book: A Pirate Ship - Young Empire's Journey 3

New Kobo Germany
Auf Lager
Another beautifully written Children's Story Book with Illustrations. Journey 3 with Pirate Captain Tooke to India on the Pirate Ship: Young Empires. After months of sailing and searching Captain Tooke discovered the Alchemist in the walls, the Cliffs of Moher. A crazy old man who spoke with bugs held the key to transformation and alchemy. Adfar the old Alchemist shared his knowledge with Captain Tooke asking only that the young Captain returns a precious and stolen magical stone, 'the Philosopher's Stone'. Captain Tooke and Young Empires are once again pressed into service to aid the old Alchemist, Adfar. Captain Tooke's friend and former first mate, Mr. Tamil had not only come into possession of a ship of his own but has made plans to wed a wonderful girl, Elise. Joined by Elise's family Mr. Tamil and Elise take part in a hand-fasting Ceremony. Jacques Haute, father of Elise, informs Captain Tooke that a dangerous man is seeking the whereabouts of Captain Tooke and Young Empires. Krull, a thorn in the side of Captain Tooke still followed them but it would not prevent Captain Tooke from taking the time to enjoy the occasion with his mates on shore before they sailed to retrieve the stone. It is then they discovered that Lee, a magical being, has developed a connection to some far off powerful being. She hears the voice in her head and she suffers with this mysterious being. It is the urgent business to save Lee that leads the crew of Young Empires on an adventure taking them hundreds of miles from the Oceans. On the back of an elephant Captain Tooke and his friends travel to the great mountain Nanda Devi in search of the mysterious voice and the precious stone. Captain Tooke faces many dangers in the mountain. There are the lost souls of impure hearts that seek passage out of the ice cliffs. The apprentice of Adfar waits to be freed from his prison. There is a powerful red witch who holds the secrets of the mountain, the knowledge of the transgressions of the app
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