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Juice Diet - The Complete Juice Diet Guide: Juice Diet Plan And Juice Diet Recipes

New Kobo Germany
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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to plan your juice diet meals and create the correct fruit and vegetable combinations for juicing. The first chapter of this book discusses the wide range of benefits one may get from adhering to a juice diet. It also explains and counters some of the misconceptions about this diet program. Meanwhile, Chapter 2 is a detailed discussion of how to start your juice diet. Five easy-breezy steps are tackled. In addition to this, the list of best fruits and vegetables to juice is provided. Finally, sample seven-day juice diet meal plan, along with detailed juice recipes are featured in the last chapter of the book. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll LearnThe Juice Diet: Definition, Benefits, and MisconceptionsHow to Begin Your Juice DietJuice Diet For Weight Loss and Detoxification: How It Works?Much, much more! The Juice Diet: Definition, Benefits, and MisconceptionsThe juice diet or juicing is a kind of diet program that intends to cleanse your body from harmful toxins, and lose weight at a rapid yet safe manner. The diet also makes you more nutritionally fit after a few weeks. It may sound too good to be true, but a lot of reports about the success and benefits of the juice diet has been widely publicized. There are individuals who were allowed to stop their medication after feeling better through juicing. Likewise, others said they felt more youthful than ever. Juicing involves running veggies and fruits through a juicer, which makes you drink your meal instead of eating it. At first, it may be difficult but as your body adjusts, you will learn to consume foods this way. The concept is to drink juice extracted from fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. In the juice diet, fiber is left out to give the digestive tract a break from its exhausting work. In effect, the level of toxicity in the body is reduced and the system begins to flush out toxins, as well as fat. Aside from the above-stated benefits of juicing, this di
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Dr. Michael Ericsson
Dr. Michael Ericsson